Searching for and selecting a new artist for my Game project. The project details:
-Currently will be a commission or so of 20 monster like creatures. This project will be a turn based game based of other popular games such as Pokemon and Temtem etc.

Right now Im looking for an artists who will follow the project. If this gets enough backing/following they will be retained as the lead designer/Artist for the Game.

What I need in the immediate space are what I call Complex drawings, based on peoples likenesses with environments. There should be 3 of those($30/each). After that, I will begin prepping for the BETA of the launch and what I call "S2", and will need 20 or so "simpler" creature drawings($15/each) similar to what I have now. The previous artist did about 3 a week but, you can go at your own pace and submit and get paid for them as you turn them in. If you choose to accept the project you'll need to sign a work release and a NDA for the project.

Let me know if you have any questions.

If you do not have your art on your profile please submit a link to your profile art. All others will be rejected without further review since there are usually a lot of submissions.