I am looking to add several people to add my team.This is a work from home position.

I find most of my clients on LinkedIn, so you will need to use your LinkedIn account, connect with certain search terms and titles, then message them a personalized template that I will provide. This is NOT messaging people you personally know or anything like that. I have a method I use that is professional and works to get many leads per day.

You would need to add the Company and your title as your recent contracting job in your linkedin profile (this is a contractor position).

Once you send the template one by one to your connects and people reply, you can answer their questions (I am available 24-7 to answer any questions you have via text, phone, whatsapp, email, etc.), but the point is to send me the lead (you would say things like... may I have your email address so I can have the Owner get back to you, or the Owner will be able to send pricing, what is your email). Phone numbers are fine as well, but the email is the easiest for us to reply - if you can get both the email and phone number, that is best.

I would also set you up with a work email, so when people would like you to send information, you can do that with the company email. At the end of each day, you would email me and my assistant the contacts.

Eventually, you may also likely have to hop on the phone with some potential clients. I will train you on this and what to say, etc.

Most people I work with have been with me for 10+ years, so I am looking for long-term. Must be professional, reliable, trustworthy, and be able to write and speak professionally.

This would start with about 1-2 hours per day x 5 days per week and slowly increase. You would sign on LinkedIn 2 - 3 times per day, maybe more as your connects grow. This also depends on if your LinkedIn account is brand new and if you have a lot of connections. You do have daily limits on how many you can connect and send to.

I have a program that you will sign in and out of, which tracks your active time and takes screenshots every few seconds, so please know that your work will be monitored to be sure the job is done correctly.

Pay is $10 per hour. I am looking to begin right away. Please send Resume and References, thanks!