Hiring Graphic Novel Artist to Adapt Fantasy/Action/Thriller Script into three volume graphic novel featuring female protagonist and multi-cultural characters.

Please be able to provide a sample of your work. Beginner to veteran may apply.

LOGLINE: A fallen Archangel battles the Devil’s minions’ plans to destroy humanity.

The Archangel Haniel descends to Earth to persuade the fallen Archangel Michael, born to human parents, to stop the Satans - a cabal of fallen angels – from claiming victory in their war of opposing faiths. One faith is based on love and compassion, which follows the “Word” of the All-Father. The other faith follows the “Contradiction” in which hate, and selfishness is divine as it’s the product of free will, the first gift of the All-Father. For the All-Father has decreed that the most souls collected by either faith shall rule the Heavens as Earth is a spiritual rehab for fallen angels. Will Haniel fulfill her task with the help of an Archangel who has lost his own faith?

HANIEL descends to Earth, in the body of a pious woman, to seek the fallen
Archangel MICHAEL born on Earth to stop a cabal of fallen angels from gathering enough souls to reign over the Seven Heavens.

WAR OF FAITH is written along the lines of THE PROPHECY meets THE EXPENDABLES were both films evolved into commercially successful franchises. The film combines media and corporate influence upon society, Mixed Martial Arts, along with military tactics and information technology.