An illustrator who works in Adobe InDesign needed to illustrate, in a current cartoon style with a polished look, an 18 lesson modern manners and social skills curriculum for grades 6 - 8. These will be handouts and not a book.

The "mascot" of this program is a family of six: mom, dad, 12th-grade son, 10-grade daughter, 6-year-old little brother, and "Princess" a tiny terrier dog with a big bite.

I already have concept art for the dad and 12th-grade brother complete. However, I'm open to your interpretation of the look. (The artist left the project two weeks after accepting it to take a full-time job managing a restaurant since he's hoping to one day become the chef/owner of his own.)

The number of illustrations per lesson varies between three and six. Four is the average. The illustrations will appear on student handout pages (standard 81/2" x 11" paper) that they will work on in class and take home after school.

While there are six members of the family. In most illustrations, there are just one to three characters shown. Backgrounds are minimal with the high school the two oldest children attend and the family room of the family's home being the two most common backgrounds.

The detailed illustration list is complete.

The completion date for all illustrations is December 15, 2020.
Social-Lite Dad.JPG
Initial character concept art for "Dad" for the 6-8 grade curriculum. This is the style I'm...