Hey there - I'm an author of two commercially published thrillers who's working through the final draft of the next one. One of its main characters is a 16 year old artistic prodigy who conjures up superheroes with physical disabilities and horrifying villains when he suffers through seizures. It's an adult thriller that will appeal to a Young Adult audience. I'm looking to collaborate with an artist who will create 3 to 4 illustrations to work into the text. I'd like to work with someone who reads the novel and comes back to me with his or her own recommendations on what types of art will be most compelling. They could be illustrations taken literally from key scenes or something different. The novel is driven by paranormal suspense and I believe it will be even more interesting with some cool artwork. My first novel, DOUBLE ABDUCTION, was published by iBooks/Bricktower Press (formerly owned by Byron Priess and was a Finalist for the Lambda Literary Award. My second, FATAL OPTION, was published by Post Hill and distributed by Simon & Schuster and was an Amazon bestseller. I'd like to hire an artist to create these illustrations for a fee that I'll pay whether or not this book is published (chances are it will be, but I don't want an artist to have to gamble on that). I'm looking specifically for sophisticated and inspired drawing that's noticeably dark . . . the kind of work that would have worked well in the Weird Tales series. If you're interested, please apply for job with samples of your work on your profile. You can learn more about me at . . . and learn about my last book at Thank you.