I am building the project slowly. I want to start with 11 color illustrations, simple enough for preschoolers to relate to and love. I will need a frog drinking out of a water bottle, a raccoon holding his paws over his eyes, a quala bear holding his hands over his ears, a duck pointing and flexing his toes, a squirrel reaching and grabbing a nut out of tree, a monkey with one hand on his chest and the other over his belly, an octopus making doodles in the air, an alligator turning his head and looking at his tail, a bear giving himself a hug and a turtle with a ballon saying "Go slowly." I want an additional animal holding his hands over his jaws, but I haven't thought of the right animal yet for this movement. It shouldn't take long to do each illustration. I would like each animal to have a personality, but happy and calm and simple, so preschoolers can relate. I'm not sure how long this project will take, so my estimation of pay in the box below is just my estimate.