My husband and I are considering to hire a mural artist, to paint a specific picture on the upper stucco and possibly lower siding, on our house.
In the N.W. of Calgary, we live on a corner lot, so this mural would be seen by many.

The scene that we want is that of looking westward to the mountains with 3 particular Rocky Mountain peaks in the mountain scene, being Banded Peak, Mt. Lougheed and Devils Head Peak.

In the foreground would be of a farmer on a 40-10 John Deer tractor pulling a swather, swathing unbearded wheat, of a oil drilling rig and an oil donkey/pump jack.
With my husband John being a wellsite geologist, is why we want a drilling derrick in this picture, and it would be nice to have a depiction of John's truck parked by the rig and if possible, a red or silver coloured Dodge club cab truck with the fiberglass MTC on the back, parked by the drilling rig which is a nod to me having worked as the on-site EMS at drilling rigs.
We would also like to show a few Hereford cattle or bison in another field.
With me being from Manitoba where the bison is used as an icon and having grown up on a farm, cattle and grain are the story of my roots.
Although out of season when lilies are blooming and when wheat is being swathed, I would also like some wild orange lilies to be painted into this picture, as a nod to John's Saskatchewan roots as the Tiger Lily is Saskatchewan's provincial flower.

For the sky, instead of typical puffy clouds, we would like a "chinook arch" as that is a unique feature between Calgary and the mountains.

With WestJet headquartered in Calgary in the sky we would like a WestJet plane in the sky and a 2nd plane, of Air Canada JAZZ that one of our neighbors flys.

We want a realistic result and not an abstract or anything overtly unrealistic or dramatic.

I look forward to hearing back from you.