I am looking for an artist to create some illustrations for a personal love story, which I am making into a book. Note this book is for a single-person audience as opposed to being for publishing.

The style I am looking for are hand drawn pencil type sketch illustrations, although I envision these ultimately making it into the book in pen if possible. We can collaboratively discuss how this might be done. These sketches would be simple and crisp, but also gentle. Facial features may be simplified, but still include features and expressions. The beautiful flowing lines of the illustrations would convey motion / life / passion / romance, the latter of which is the principal theme. Think flowing hair and wedding dress, etc. I have some examples.

I am looking for someone who is willing to work with me collaboratively on image concepts for the story, and who is accustomed to accepting feedback on initial sketches.

My timeline for this work is relatively short. I would see this work as beginning as early as mid-July, and hopefully ending by no later than mid-August.

I am open to fixed fee (for example per drawing or total project) arrangements, or by the hour. We could do one drawing with a certain arrangement, and then update to a slightly different model once we better understand how we work together.

I am ideally looking for someone in the Vancouver area since I have a physical book in mind (and a timeline), although I might be flexible on this if the perfect match is outside of this area.
Concept - Inspiration.PNG
Examples of the general style of drawings I am looking for