Independent one off project but You still need to treat this like a serious job.

***Light weight and as few parts as possible!

it’s a 25Kv current source that’s controlled wirelessly.

I want to wirelessly control 6 different wires varying the strength from 0-25Kv.

The controller would use the basic rc drone type layout; up, down, left, right, forward, back.

The levers on the controller would act as the voltage control, e.g. still is 0Kv - full throttle is 25Kv.

YOUR JOB is to compile the list of parts needed then walk me through an at home build:

The controller; rc, bluetooth, etc. whatever’s best.

The power; an arduino or raspberry, or just some kind of barrel port connection. Something I can connect at 12VAC wall plug adaptor.

I’d like to pay you $250 for the whole job. Half when you provide the parts list, the rest when we go over the build and make sure it works correctly.