Silver Seal’s Adventures: Caught in the Net

Background/Key Message

‘Silver Seal’s Adventures’ was written to inform children about the challenges that the marine environment faces, largely caused by us (in the stories – the two-legged ones) in a fun, accessible, yet thought-provoking way. Additionally, the hope is that children will empathise with the characters, understand and want to do something, however small, to help their plight.

A brief description covering all three books in the series reads as follows:

Silver Seal is a marine hero. He is always ready to rescue other animals from dangerous situations that are often caused by the two-legged ones. His friends, such as Cedric the turtle, are eager to join him in his adventures. Silver does not want praise for his achievements, and after each adventure all he thinks about is getting back to his rock for a good snooze. In ‘Caught in the Net’, Silver helps Dilly Dolphin escape from a fishing net in a most unexpected way. In ‘Ice Rescue’ Silver rescues polar bears from melting ice, and in ‘Operation Oil’ he sets out to keep his friends away from an oil spill.

‘Caught in the Net’ is the subject for the film.

Target audience & purposes

• Young children up to 9/10 primarily, though older people, including adults, may also enjoy/get something from the film.
• To show the film to prospective producers, to make the case that the ‘Silver Seal’ stories would make good animations.
• To put the film on You-Tube and allow environmental organisations to use/advertise the link to the films. Other media/social-media platforms.


• Approx. 120 seconds

Branding elements

• Silver Seal’s Adventures: Caught in the Net. My name – Diana Williams as the author. The titles of the other Silver Seal books – ‘Ice Rescue’ and ‘Operation Oil’. If funders are found, their names must also be included in the closing slides.


• There is dialogue between the animals (please see the storyline below). Sound effects such as a splashing could be utilised, and perhaps music at certain points. Any suggestions/ideas regarding these elements are welcome.


1, Silver Seal on a rock – awake – thinking – images of polar bears stuck on melting ice and an oil spill appear. He sighs.
2, His eyes close – and he starts to dream. In his dream he is playing tag in the ocean with Cedric turtle and Dilly Dolphin.
3, Silver is woken by Cedric – a large and very old green turtle.
‘Silver Seal, Silver Seal!’
‘Err what?’
‘Come quickly.’
‘What? Follow me. I’ll tell you on the way.’
4, Jumps off the rock with a huge splash. Heads off with the turtle. As they head through the water:
‘It’s Dilly Dolphin.’ Cedric is puffed and out of breath. ‘She’s caught in one of those floating things with holes in, that the two-legged ones use. I tried biting it to make the holes bigger, but they were too tough for me.’
5, They reach Dilly Dolphin who is wrapped in a fishing net, thrashing around in the water.
‘Silver’s here,’ Cedric cries. ‘Silver’s here!’
6, Dilly continues to try and shake the net off, but is getting even more caught up.
Silver: ‘Dilly, you’ve got to stop moving around. I won’t be able to help you if you don’t.’
Dilly becomes still.
7, Silver ducks under the water, looking for a loose piece of the net that he can pull. Finds a piece and starts to swim away from Dilly. The net loosens, but then gets stuck – pulling Silver back towards Dilly. Silver releases the net, to stop him crashing into Dilly.
8, Cedric watching. ‘It’s horrible. Dolphins are meant to be leaping about and dancing in the sea, not tied up.’ These words give Silver an idea. Dancing! Leaping! Silver dives under the water – swims downwards.
9, Dilly on the surface of the water again – looking sad. Without warning, she is pushed up, out of the water, into the air, as Silver, who has propelled himself through the water, impacts with Dilly. Dilly spins in the air. A little more of the net becomes free, then she splashes back down in the water again.
10, Silver propels himself through the water again, and Dilly spins. Dilly is becoming tired, but she is not going to give up. Some more of the net becomes loose.
11, The process above is repeated. This time the net falls off completely. Cedric cheers and Dilly thanks them. Silver is already heading off back to his rock.
12, Silver back on the rock. His thoughts: Why do they do it? Why do the two-legged ones leave their fishing nets in the sea. Or any of their things in the sea?
13, His eyes close – and he starts to dream. In his dream he is playing tag in the ocean with Cedric turtle and Dilly Dolphin.

Examples of other related animations I like

• A Whale’s Tail: Hope Works


• Exact dates to be finalized and agreed.

Any questions
• Please also take a look at the Silver Seal books x 3 – ‘Caught in the Net’, ‘Ice Rescue’ and ‘Operation Oil’.