We need a team of sketch artists to Zoom chat with our clients. We design amazing scrap-metal sculptures and occasionally we find a client who cant' quite describe what they're looking for. We need your help to compose a sketch which we can then send to our sculptors to get a quotation.

Your role will be to join a Zoom meeting (we typically have clients in UK, USA (California, Texas, NY) and UAE and to work with our client to transfer their ideas into a (digital) pencil sketch.

Initially I'll also be present on the call to ask questions - but with experience you may be able to ask questions yourself.

It would a bonus if you're a fan of comic books, superheroes etc as these are our most popular creations. It's essential that you are reliable and never miss a scheduled meeting.

You can see the kind of work we create at

Clients may be quite specific or vague e.g.

"We want a design to stick on a carnival float of black superheroes popping out of a comic book"

"We want something representing love"

You may need to be patient with the client, it's possible (likely even) that after you create a sketch you'll need to erase it and start fresh and it'll be helpful if you're able to sketch quickly.

Currently there's no guarantees on how much work will be available, it'll depend very much on where the clients are located but until coronovirus passes it'll likely be 3-6 sketches a month.

We expect most calls will take about 30 minutes, some more, some less but we'll pay a minimum of $20 for any work over 10 minutes after you present a final tidied sketch that we can show to our sculptors - plus a bonus for longer calls and / or "going the extra mile".

You may need to do some quick research in advance e.g. in the example above it would be good to familiarise yourself with black superheroes before the call)

If you're able to screenshare with a sketchpad it'll be most professional.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to do a 15-20 minute demo.