Please Note: We are presently reviewing mock-ups from the artists in whom we are most interested for this project. We are not currently entertaining new applications. Thank you for your interest in this job.

At the Holocaust Center for Humanity, a Seattle nonprofit, we are intending to create one or more comics or graphic novels concerning some of our local Holocaust survivors. At the Holocaust Center, we work with districts, schools and teachers to teach the lessons of the Holocaust to students across Washington. We envision that we would draft the text for the individual stories, and sometimes ideas for images, including contextual ones.

We are looking for a talented artist who can help us bring these stories to life. Ideally, such artist would have at least some historical knowledge of the Holocaust and 1930s and 1940s European life. It would also be helpful to be familiar with the work of Art Spiegelman, as well as more recent work, including Anne Frank: The Graphic Adaptation and R.J. Palacio's White Bird.

We wonder if you have interest in working with us on this project. If so, can you please: 1) Describe your experience, highlighting any such experience that might be relevant to this project, and 2) Share a few samples of your previous work so that we can see your style?

Our next step is to create a couple of pages of text for one survivor's story. Assuming your interest and our appreciation of your background and style relative to what we have in mind, we would like to send you this text for you to provide a "mock-up" for us to consider. If there would be a fee associated with such a "mock-up," can you please let us know what your charge would be?