Hey guys, a few years ago I started a project for a graphic novel with an artist here we but unfortunately weren't able to finish it
. We got through the first issue and some concept art but never moved on to the 2nd. I'd like someone to help me finish the remaining 9 issues. In addition each issue is about 20 pages. He had a very unique style that I really fell in love with but I'm willing to continue with a different approach. Artist must be fine with gritty images that hopefully invoke plenty emotion. I'm looking for a cross between anime but not overly flamboyant like most animes are. The artist used what looked like water pastels and I'd like to do something similar. Hopefully this isnt confusing. Pay is negotiable and I'm willing to letter it myself to keep the costs down. I have are samples from our previous project ready for your reference.
Sample page
Sample page
All rights belong to RGB illustrations. This is simply a sample of the artists work for reference...