20 years ago while living in Japan I traveled around to different areas in Japan. I have finished a book of photos and now want an illustration of myself on a path(kind of like the path to enlightenment) walking on this path with holding a camera against a landscape of trees, sky, clouds etc..i don't want a cartoon or manga/anime like cover but more of a painting-here are some images I like:
I would like a landscape with maybe some light beaming through the clouds but not so overt--more subtle...
If you have experience on how to format for amazon for a paperback, great--if not someone else can do the spine, and back, text, etc...
This will be a paperback and not an e book.

The photos of a journey took to different Buddhist sites in Japan.
I would like the illustration to be me walking along a path(kind of like the path to Enlightenment) so this path could be sort of fantasy like with sparkles etc along the path(not too overt:) I like subtle.
then it the background would be green trees and mountains etc the sun and clouds above and then the title of the book.
I can send photos of myself, photos of the areas I took etc to give you an idea.

The book will be sold to a niche market and an organization of 15 million Buddhists worldwide so you can get a lot of exposure for your work. I am also thinking of translating the book into Japanese to allow for more sales and exposure. I am happy to put your website and contact info in the book to allow for more exposure. I go out of my way to help artists.

I am looking for more of an artist rather than "graphic artist." I want the cover to look like something of a painting.

I would like to proceed by you doing a rough draft with some colors, let me take a look to see if it's what I imagined.
I am a perfectionist so you should be someone who is easy to work with:)

This successful candidate for this job will be someone who is:

1)Easy to work with and open to revisions

2)does not have an artist attitude, is professional and just gets the job done.

3)Is open to having a Zoom/phone consultation to discuss the project before the project begins to clarify details--this will save any time on revisions later.

4)24 hour response shows your enthusiasm for the project.
I am based in the US-please take a look at the links I sent and if the style matches yours great--if not please don't respond as I don't have time to look through all the inquiries!