We need an English-language writer to deliver at least 1000 words daily.
Our company specializes in articles and listicles about celebrities, trending and viral stories, fun and useful facts etc.
We are looking for a combination of quantity and quality, and we use a system to ensure that.
The first 1000 words in a day are paid at a rate of 1 cent per word.
The next 700 words over the first thousand are paid at a rate of 1.15 cents per word
Above that (1700+) the rate is 1.25 cents per word
There are quality bonuses for those that can consistently achieve high quality, but that is for a later time.
BUT, and it is important to understand this, if the first 1000 words delivered in a day require fixes or rewrites, you will be capped at 1000 words AND the day's pay will be reduced by 10%. We are not trying to be vindictive and we don't want to do this. We'd much rather have quality pieces than save 10% and have to go through fixes and rewrites.

First payment will be after one week and during that week you will be assigned about 500 words per day, as a trial period. If we are a good fit, payments will become monthly and the assigned tasks will increase.

To be hired you need to pass a test (we have our own test that we use to evaluate candidates).