I'm looking for a cartoonist/illustrator to help create picture manuals that will serve as educational tools supporting farmer teachers in northern Uganda. The manuals should be clear and simple, tell a story with pictures, and will contain minimal text, as they are aimed at a semi-illiterate audience. Preferably, they will also be in color.

This is currently a bit of a pilot project for my employer (a Belgian NGO), hence the plan is to do a (paid) pilot project first whereby just a single, 20-30-plate manual is created. Should the pilot be successful, we'd be interested in creating another 8 manuals. The time-frame to make the pilot would be about 2-3 weeks.

Preferably, you'd be sharing your work in an electronic format. Whether you prefer to draw by hand or with a digital program is up to you, I am open to both formats as long as the finished work meets the above requirements.

At the moment, I am also still casting around for artists, and would like to be able to obtain samples of different artist's work. I'd like these samples to be applied to the context within which the manuals will be used (agriculture in northern Uganda) and will share a storyboard of the sample, should you be interested in this job.

My organization is also looking to create additional educational tools in the long run: posters, calendars, and even videos. Should this project work out well, we'd be interested in working together on other projects. Besides monetary gain, please remember that your work will go a long way towards improving food security for our beneficiaries and giving farmers the ability to enhance their income, protect their environment and become self-sufficient.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
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