This book is a testimony of Experiences, visitations in my life by God. I lost several family members through tragedies. The last one brought me to total distress and a will to live, the loss of my young adult son, who worked daily in our business as well as my golf buddy. The answer to many prayers slowly strengthened me. Those prayer answers were direct experiences in my life. The volume of such led me to believe I should share, to those that will receive it. The publication will serve no monetary value to me. Freely I received, freely I give. I am not a typist, nor an editor. I have these handwritings ready, as I look for someone to assist. Please advise if you can consider this task with me, or if not, perhaps reference someone.
These handwritings are less than 200 words to a page and just less than 200 pages.
I am only guessing, not my expertise, that on a 6x9 page, 11 or 12 point, perhaps 125+ pages?