I am writing a book and need first cover art. Promotion of the project will need further images. For the cover I want to convey the message that the human nature of modern people is much the same as cavemen. I want pen and ink for an image to print within a window of 6" wide, 5.25" high. Bradley's portfolio images 171, 129, 107 and 163 caught my eye for elements of style.I'm not sure how to best illustrate this message. My main inspiration is the famous painting of Aristotle contemplating a bust of Homer. I'm thinking perhaps a recognizable modern character (Einstein?) looking in a mirror and seeing the reflection of a cave man.
I need full copyright, with no future royalties.
I have no idea how much artist time will be required. Let's negotiate a price. 500 just to fill the form.
I have some images of 2 other books in this series that this will be part of. Let me send those and downloaded images that may be useful.