Hello, I need a voice actor to convincing portray a male child's voice (pre-puberty). I'm creating an animated series for kids and I need someone who can convincingly portray a 9 year old boy's voice with a specific personality.
The total number of words required for this project is 233. The applicant must be comfortable signing a non-disclosure agreement contract and a performance release contract both provided by me prior to beginning work.
I will provide a few short sentences so that applicants can provide a voice sample to help with my selection.
Both males and females are welcome to apply. Voices must be provided in high quality audio recording, either mp3 or WAV files of 48 000.
Lots of detail on the character's background and personality will be provided to help you get a sense of how you should sound.
Feel free to ask me more about this project to discover if it's the right fit for you.