Sell Stick Shift Driving Lessons, Manage Instructor Onboarding and Assets (Remote)

We’re looking for a full-time (30-40 hours), car-loving salesperson ready to take exceptional ownership of a dual-part role that involves selling lessons and overseeing instructor onboarding/offboarding.

Our Mission: Save the Manual Transmission

We sell stick shift driving lessons throughout the United States. Yes, really. We sold about 800 lessons in 2019 and are on track to sell about 1400 in 2020. Visit our website here:

What you’ll love about this job:

It’s about cars - Many of our customers are auto enthusiasts who love getting into the nitty-gritty of manual transmission. Otherwise, they’re complete novices who want to feel they’re in capable hands.
100% Inbound Highly Qualified Leads - All of our customers find us by searching for our very specific keywords on Google.
Low Competition - In about 90% of the areas we serve, we’re literally the only option that customers have. As a result, the sale is pretty easy.
Flexible Hours - As long as you close deals, we’re open to having you work any hours you want. Note though that most inbound happens during daytime hours and most follow-up calls get picked up during evening hours.
Stack This Job - If you are currently working another remote job, you can combine this in with your other job. We get about 10 to 15 inbound calls per day and you’ll need to do about 40 to 60 outbound calls per day. You can easily fit them around your other job responsibilities
Remote - Work from wherever you are.
Building off our success - We’ve sold over 1000 lessons since we launched and have learned what works and what doesn’t.
Small company - We are a team of three full-time people running the company and about 70 instructors.
Managed by a Doer - Your manager has successfully done this job and knows what it takes to be successful in this role.

Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

Inbound Call Handling - Answer phones and talk customers through the sale or instructors through the way we operate
Outbound Follow Up - Call, text, and email to get the customer to the finish line or the prospective instructors to sign on
Qualify Customers - Make sure their needs fit our model
Qualify Instructors - Make sure they fulfill all requirements and set them up for success through hassle-free onboarding
CRM Editing - Edit customer records in our CRM (Outreach & Salesforce).
Sell Stick Shift Driving LessonsInb (10-15 inbound calls per day, 40-60 outbound calls per day)
Instructor Onboarding: One Time - 2 hours per instructor
Create Yelp and GMB pages for each instructor that include locations (updated hours, business description, and services offered)
Create Call Tracking Metrics numbers for each instructor
Ensure GMB listings are activated by contacting instructors for GMB codes
Build instructor onboarding landing page
Create a location in Google Ads and Bing
Add the instructor’s schedule in Acuity and conduct Acuity orientation call with the instructor.
Send Welcome email and CC Instructor Sales Manager and Founder. Make sure the instructor has their contact info and knows what to do next
Add instructor information to the map search spreadsheet
Add instructor to Ultimate Spreadsheet
Ensure that the instructor profile is edited and receives approval from the Recruiting Manager before posting it.
Ensure that all photos to be posted on the website are approved by Recruiting Manager

Onboarding: Ongoing - 3 hours per week (1 hour on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
Review photos and docs sent back from instructors to make sure they meet Stick Shift Driving Academy's requirements. If they don't, explain to the instructor what's not good about them and get new ones.
Personally follow up with all instructors who’ve not yet sent back all of the assets

Offboarding - 1 hour per instructor
Remove instructor from map spreadsheet
Remove instructor from Acuity
Remove acuity plugin from the landing page
Turn off Google and Bing ad campaigns
Remove instructors bio from the landing page
Coordinate with recruiting a team to find a replacement instructor ASAP. Keep a log of locations where we need to replace the instructor.

Maintenance- 1 - 2 hours per week
Edit or update any assets as they change. For example, changing hours in acuity if an instructor needs them updated, changing photos of their car if they get a new car, etc.

Must have your own computer, reliable high-speed internet, and good quality headset and microphone.

Start Date: ASAP
Pay: Competitive - We usually pay at the 75th percentile. So, above average, but not crazy.
Timezone Requirements: Must have at least 4 hours per day available between 9-5 EDT
Fluent in English with strong conversational skills ?
Must take a DISC Test
Location: Remote is fine but you must prove that you have access to reliable internet and power

About You

You love cars - You have genuine enthusiasm for talking about cars, reading car blogs, watching YouTube videos about cars, etc.
Prior success in sales - Successful people usually have a strong track record. BUT we’re open to talking with candidates who show potential as proven in other arenas.
You love building rapport - You can easily talk with just about anyone.
You’re Driven and Bold - You’d rather push too hard than not hard enough.
You’re Curious and Coachable - You want to constantly improve and welcome our help.
You’re Responsible - We’re not going to babysit you.
You’re available at least 30 hours per week

Company Values

We reference these in every meeting and use them in every weekly review. If you want to read more, we will gladly furnish you with a more in-depth overview.

Overcommunication - Quickly share rich detail with all relevant parties.
Radical Candor - Directly share humble opinions.
Extreme Ownership - Total responsibility for outcomes and dependencies.
Drive - Push harder and faster than you are pushed.
Hospitality - Make others feel taken care of.
Lean - Efficiently manage workflow by shipping good enough solutions (not letting perfection be the enemy of the good)
Growth Mindset - You can get better at everything with time and intentional effort.

To Apply:

To start out, we want to know two things about you; how much you love cars and how successful you’ve been in similar roles to this one. Feel free to illustrate your love of cars and your prior success any way you want. Resumes are OK if you have a good one but it is totally fine if you don’t have one. You’re more than a resume, anyway.

Show us how much you love cars

Illustrate for us your love and interest in cars and preferably in manual transmission cars. We’re open to you showing us how much you love cars any way that you want. If you’re looking for ideas, here are some (but feel free to go outside of these if you like):

What cars have you owned, worked on, fixed up, loved? Tell us some stories about your experiences with stick shift cars or regular cars.
What car-related blogs, websites, journalists, and YouTubers do you follow and love? Tell us about them. Why do you follow them? Which of their published materials have you loved the most? Who is the worst?
Describe cars that you think are either awesome or terrible and why you feel that way. For example, I think the WRX is overrated because of the ride quality and the fact that the engines live about as long as a cheap suit. But maybe you disagree? If so, why?

Show us your prior success

What evidence do you have from your career so far that proves your prior success in sales or customer service? Feel free to answer this question any way you like but note that we trust verifiable facts the most. We can tell you that someone is a great athlete. But if we tell you they won 12 Olympic medals, you have verifiable proof. We trust verifiable statements the most.

Note: Your manager (who has been successful in this role) didn’t work in sales prior to working here, but many of his responsibilities in prior jobs involved aspects of sales. It’s possible to show that you have what it takes even if you’ve never had a sales job.

Feel free to go outside of these ideas if you like

If you’ve not worked in sales, here are some ideas:
Tell us how your prior work shows evidence that you are a good fit into our company culture.
Sales is a combination of tenacity, building relationships, changing people’s minds, curiosity, being genuinely helpful, coachability, and ultimately being successful despite setbacks and challenges. How have you shown these qualities in yourself in prior jobs?
If you have worked in sales, here are ideas for proof of prior success:
Did you meet or exceed sales targets? If so, what were your numbers?
Did you win any awards in prior sales jobs
How did your results compare to your peers?
How much did you improve over time?