I have an existing book cover of a novel my wife and I wrote that we are going to be selling on our Website using Lulu's print on demand services. After receiving a proof I realized that my wife's last name needed to be changed on the spine and on the back cover. I have her correct name on the spine, but Lulu wants one whole jpg and I have the back spine and front cover on separate jpgs.

1-I need the have the three jpgs combined into one jpg and I need my wife's last name changed on the back cover if that is possible.

2-Lulu says that "Your file contains images with resolution less than 200 pixels per inch. Lulu suggests using images with a pixel per inch range of 200-600 for the best results." Is there any way to increase the pixel resolution?

3-The title of our novel is POWER WOMEN DIARIES SARA'S STORY THE NIGHT THE BOYS ALL VANISHED. Is it possible to have the last few letters of VANISHED begin to fade out?