I find myself in need of a professional illustrator and letterer for my comic project.

The comic involves a young man named Robert who, after being viciously mauled by a werewolf, is infected with lycanthropy. After trying in vain to find the one who attacked him, Robert decides to take accompany his best friend and her girlfriend on a cruise deep into the jungles of the island of Mindanao, hoping to unwind.

However, soon after arriving, their ship is attacked by a tribe of bloodthirsty, stone age cannibals, who capture all the survivors and leave Robert for deadwith a spear in his chest. Robert survives, thanks to his lycanthropy, but awakens in a brutal work prison run by a sadistic warden and a local land Baron.

Now, Robert must find a way to escape and find his friends before his bestial nature overwhelms him. And before his friends are eaten alive!

The title of the story is "Beasts of Flesh: **** Them and Eat Them!"

Must be comfortable with depicting graphic violence and ******.

Payment will be in increments.