We are currently looking for someone who would be willing to making an architectural illustration of future building. The purpose of this illustration is to show potential donors and volunteers for our non-profit, Renewed Strength Ministries (RSM). RSM's mission is to educate the community about ****** exploitation and human trafficking in the state's of IL and MO. Additionally, it is RSM hope and dream to build a ranch dedicated to rehabilitating boys and young men who have been victims of trafficking.

As of now, we have a model that displays this ranch, but we'd like to show something more professional. Please contact me if you are willing to make a colored architectural illustration of our ranch (aerial view architecture illustration) or at least an illustration of the main building. As it stands, this is only a concept drawing so the artist who wants this job has free reign. We have some pictures of the model that should give you an idea of what we are looking for. We'd prefer color, but we are also wanting a quick turn around if possible. Please apply for job if you are willing to help our organizational.
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Example 1
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Example 2
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Example 3