I wish to check how much it costs to film 4K video about 4 hours filming, from Jan 1st 2021 the noon london annual new year parade, the photographer must bring 2 tripod 2 4K video camera as the show is 4 hours estimated. Also may be as long as 8 hours, because there is a need to get a good view location, meaning maybe 8am must go parliament square near big ben london to secure a good location, film from noon (start of parade) to end of show, video camera battery estm last 2 hour per video camera, so 2 x 4K video camera is needed, and then put both video onto 128GB usb thumb drive and mail to singapore. Must be 4K video - estm 4 hour to 8 hour job. The person must be able to stand for 8 hours non stop and tripod mount the video camera.