I have written a comedic indie/superhero graphic novel and am currently looking for an illustrator to do the line art and inking (possibly coloring, as well).

I am heavily influenced by the underground, 90s alternative comics/animation scene, and am going for a more off-beat vibe and style. I don’t want our comic to look like everything else out there, the whole point is to be different while telling a good story and hopefully making people laugh. The comic has a comedic and at times even absurd tone, and I am into fluid and fun art styles. But the illustrator should also know how to accurately portray more action-oriented scenes and standard superhero fare in order to lampoon them. Think Earthworm Jim meets The Maxx meets The Tick.

The plan is to release individual issues for each chapter in the story, and then compile all of them together into a single graphic novel which I will shop around to various publishers. If that route does not pan out, I will self-publish the graphic novel and release it myself. I have been heavily researching conventions, independent publishers and have experience in self-publishing, and am ready to make this comic a reality. It has been a long time in the making, and I will be up front that I have had a couple of illustrators come on board and even complete a couple of issues before bailing out of the blue with little to no explanation. So, I need to know you are trustworthy and will need to see examples of completed work or previous collaborations. I wanted to give opportunities to those who did not have much experience, but this time around I am hedging my bets and would prefer someone who is more established and professional. I don’t want to waste either of our time. And communication is KEY. Radio silence is not okay in a collaboration and this will all be outlined in the contract as well.

If this is something you would be interested in learning more about, I can send you the script along with further details and we can of course discuss compensation as well. Since the full book will end up being on the longer side and I am on a pretty tight budget, I am looking for more of a flat rate as opposed to a page or hourly rate. Since the book will be broken up into 6 issues, the rate could be per issue.