I'm looking for a talented videographer in Perth, Australia to use for a number of jobs. The first one being to put together a short (1-2 minute) movie based on a recent testimonial received which touches on a common problem in that many vulnerable seniors don't like wearing or using an emergency alert device. I can visualise what the movie would look like. I can write the script, get people to play the parts, and direct the production, but need a videographer to make it come together as a high quality production. I have the resources to pay for such, but would like to discuss costs with the videographer. Here is the unedited testimonial:

"Since we purchased the device in June, it has sat in its cradle as he 'doesn’t need it'. (Of course he does). I discuss this with him every week & have told him that it’s no good sitting in the cradle when he falls a metre away from it - or more. I also told him (for the 100th time) if he doesn’t use it EVERY DAY I’m going to erase all our numbers, set 000 in there & give it to a homeless person who would love to have it.

"Only 2 weeks ago, I finally talked him into putting it on every morning for the day, regardless of whether Mum was home or not because then it’s just a habit. To check up on him every morning, I phone the number & speak to him. It’s GREAT. I was talking to him every morning & he’s really enjoying the interaction. So when the ambulance officers came about a week ago they suggested that he get a MediFone device (knowing he had one - I asked them to have that conversation because I knew he’d listen to them) and he proudly said 'oh yes I have one of those & it’s marvellous because I talk to my daughter every day'! So he’s gone from 'not needing it' to being as proud as punch because he owns one - and uses it!

"So the really good thing for my mother is that when she finishes her Bridge (or shopping or picking grandchildren up) instead of flying home to make sure Dad’s okay, she can just call him. If everything’s okay, she doesn’t need to race home. She can stop on the way & pick up milk if necessary.

"So my feedback for you to share with potential clients is that the function for family members to call him is invaluable. He likes it & we all know that all is well at home. That’s the best thing for our family & our circumstances.

"To be honest, I’m unsure if Dad can manage the 'hold the large button for 2-3 seconds' instruction at the moment, but I don’t think that matters. What matters is that we can ring him and contact him easily. (He doesn’t answer the home phone - hasn’t done for 12 months - because he can’t make it). So this is ideal. And he likes it.

"It’s taken 5 months, but he’s finally using it. Hopefully, in time, I’ll get him to practise using the yellow button so that he can contact us but we are all happy being able to call him at the moment."