Piccolo & the Big Ol' Cat is a story written for children in grades 5 and 6. Piccolo is a one year old Maltese dog who loves his family but hates everyone and everything else. He is a bully dog. One day, he met his match, an old cat who would not allow herself to be bullied. Monique, Piccolo's owner, just transferred to a new school in October, and is the target of the class bully, Abigail. Why? Because Monique stutters. Throughout the story, Monique works hard to stop the bullying and control her stuttering, and by the end of the story, she prevails.
I need an illustrator who can provide me with book cover illustrations. What I am looking for is someone who can draw Piccolo, who is a real dog, depicting his two-sided personality being loving and lovable to his family but mean to everyone else including other animals. The Big Ol' Cat is a very confident old cat, and positions herself in a way that she never lets Piccolo bully her, but she loves Monique and other children. She ultimately is the "role model" for Monique to learn how to use her voice to stop Abigail and control her stuttering. Monique is a sweet fifth grade girl with blonde hair who is self-conscious about her stuttering. She is, however, an intelligent and determined girl who learns to overcome the bully and to become a role model herself. Abigail is a class bully. She has red, disheveled hair that her brothers' girlfriends laugh at. She is mean, manipulative, bossy and gets in trouble a lot at school.
I am self-publishing this book, so at this point in time, I need only book cover illustrations to capture the personalities of the four major characters. I prefer to buy the rights to the illustrations.