My script is Horror based, blood and some necessary gore. (two explicit *** scenes) too. It involves an adult folklore legend with Haitian/African-American/Moor based background, with Werewolves and Voodoo undertones in present day New Orleans. My story is one of four.

I have a script that I want to turn into a graphic novel. It is 135 pages long, but I only need the first 30 pages illustrated; with color. My plan is to use the first 30 pages as a trailer/preview for my script, and possibly get funding to finish my graphic novel and or create an animated TV series or movie. I have some minor sketches of what I have in mind for characters/designs, if that helps. I will scan and upload them if necessary.

What is your policy/practice on 5 year NDA? If at all possible, quote me a price for this project. I’m in Arizona. *Multiple African-American characters Men and Women.