Research on What Does the Fox Say by Tim Gaji, this type of drawing fits with my stories.

Hello, I'm looking for a freelance artist to work with, bring my stories to life through art and publish the projects online. I'm looking for someone who is enthusiastic, hard-working, and patient. Currently, I cannot promise anything on pay, but if the story make it to a publishing website, we will split the pay half and half. This is for sure, because we both contribute to it. I also think that cooperating cannot just happen because of a need for something. In fact, look for something that you like in my writing and voice your opinion anywhere you feel like there should be change. Worst case scenario, the story cannot be done, it cannot be published, or we don't get paid. I do believe that everything can happen for a reason. If we're on the same team, we should take the same responsibility, and enjoy our journey together.

Please apply for job if interested and have an updated portfolio with a picture of your work, that (recommended) similar to the art of What Does the Fox Say? by Tim Gaji, or anything that you feel confident of.

Ps/ If you know anyone who might be suitable for the role, please recommend, thank you.