I need some art work and design for a brand called Funky Skunky. It will be a line of novelty products for the Canadian ******** consumer. To start with it will be metal wall art, keychains, magnets, coasters and possibly stickers.

I like the style and feel of the cards. "Wacky Packs" and "Garbage Pail Kids"
But I want to regularly have new sets, like "Magic the Gathering"
So after the first set there would be regular designs

I'm looking for a Canadian theme just as the Rasta Man is Jamaican. It should say things like...
- Established/EST 2018 (year of legalization
-.Legal Weed
- 420 in Canada, etc.
The leaf should be combinations of both the maple leaf and pot leaf
one inside the other, side by side etc

I'll post some of the clip art I've gathered, with notes as to what I was looking to have changed. Its basically the same generic art work that everyone uses. Know one stands out in the crowd.

Just like Rat Fink... did mater if on a shirt, garbage can or sticker... You knew it was Rat Fink.

That basically sums it up for now...
This is my first add, so...
Not sure of the next step now...
But open to hearing it all...