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I am a writer from BC and looking for an artist will be able to capture (through animation) the hero of my next book called Mighty Troy of Salem #1 "The Oats Mission." The main character is Troy who is a small mouse born with one eye and no tail. He lives in a large orange elevator in Salem Saskatchewan and in spite of his handicaps he becomes king of all the clans. He has two enemies: Goar: king of the Rafter Rats and Zeda the leader of the Orange Bats on level seven. The mouse clans have run out of food and it is up to Troy and his eight brothers and seven sisters to retrieve the last bit of food in the elevator--a bag of oats in the giants lunch room. Despite all odds and many adventures Troy and his siblings save the clan from starvation and Troy goes on to become king. The book will teach children to have faith in God and to look at others for what they can do, not at what they cannot do. Would you be interested in drawing the characters for this book? It will be the first of five possible sequels. I am a senior pastor in BC and would love to talk to you about the project Please apply for job if interested.