This is a commission for 4 Political pieces where Trump will be the centerpiece. These are for commercial use. In each one there will be a headless figure with him where my end customer's face will be photoshopped into it by my team.

They will be a lifelike proportions rather than a caricature. There will a good level of detail - and I am a stickler for detail (but i try to give very good briefs and direction)

Obviously these over-the-top funny pieces will be for Trump fans so the successful applicant must be both skilled in Political satire pieces but also probably a supporter of this president or as least able to put any opinions aside!

Ideas include

* On top of a Trump tank, inspired by the below piece
* On board the Trump Train
* At the inauguration with the ex presidents etc looking glum
* At the border wall with the President

See below pictures to see the kind of thing i'm after.
the inspiration for the trump tank piece
Screenshot 2019-10-16 at 06.44.00.jpg
all aboard the trump train