I am trying to upload a game made in Construct 2 to the Windows Store through Visual Studio, however I cannot debug, or test my game properly. I need someone who would be able to debug and send me a stable version of the game. I would handle marketing and releasing afterwards, but for now I just need my game debugged and ready for release.

Description: I would send a copy of the game to be released. And in return, I need stable copies of the game sent back to me, via the following file formats: (.msix, .msixbundle, .msixupload, .appx, .appxbundle, .appxupload, .xap) The copy I will send has to be debugged, and tested so that it may be uploaded to the Windows Store. The job needs to be completed within 7-14 days. But when you are finished, PLEASE notify me once you are.

Qualifications: I want someone who has experience with debugging, and/or experience with Visual Studio.

Agreement: I would only be able to send money via PayPal, I'll only give a copy of the game for debugging IF you are qualified for this job, AND we must keep this project held with the UPMOST secrecy.

Rewards: I would pay anywhere between $50-$75 USD once the job is completed. Then, you may receive a 10% cut for all profits made with the game once it is released, AND I would gladly be up for hiring you for any future jobs.