I require 10 to 15 simple watercolour/painting pieces very similar in design. These will be for commercial use.

Each one will be a landscape perspective. On the left side will feature a football/soccer hero from the back, walking along pitchside. You will see only the back of the head and the kits will be simple... so there will be no faces, logos or club badges. Only the shirt number will be present; no name on the shirt.

Nothing copyrighted will feature, but fans will recognise what moment in their team's history is being referenced.

Specific to each one will be the basic style of the kit, the hairstyle from the back and if applicable a trophy being held by the player.

On the right side of the pieces a player in the same kit, facing the other player. However, there will be no head. This is so my customer can upload a photo and I can photoshop then into the 'moment' with the player.

The idea is for soccer fans around the world to be able to 'put themselves in the moment'. It also makes a great present to a loved one.

Also the left side of the image can be cropped and presented in it's own right.

I require at least 10 different versions of these but up to 15 to start - depending on how easy the successful artist can use the first ones to create more. if the project is successful, more versions can be ordered down the line so there is potential for further commissions heavily based on what you've already produced.

I require these to be completed hopefully in the next few weeks. A sample would be greatly appreciated.

I am a stickler for detail but these are quite simple in nature and i'll provide a good brief for each so I'm easy to work with there.

Look forward to hearing from very talented people.

Flexible on Pay dependent on really good work.
like this realistic style.
like the splatter effects so they might feature