I was just wondering what it might cost to do an 80+ page Zootopia comic, made from s story I did with a friend. I basically did a rehash on it, and I was wondering what the price of it would be, and would like to know, just out of curiosity, what color, compared to black & white would cost? And also, could you duplicate this type of drawing style for Nick's mother? Because I want her to look exactly the way she does, on these comic two pages only, as she does appear on other pages, in the same comic, but doesn't seem as cute, and also, could you look at this guy's work, and duplicate the way he draws Nick, as well?

Use this link for how to draw Nick's mother:

Here are some examples of how I'd Nick to be drawn:

Please let me know the approximate price for doing a fan comic of my own story line I have, in this exact same drawing style, and also, I must warn that, although they're not my creations, as a friend helped with this story, there are graphic violence scenes and graphic *** scenes, which must stay in the story, to have the story make sense. So, please let me know if you can make this comic or know someone else who can, if you can not. And also, I do not plan on marketing this comic. It's just for my own enjoyment