We are in the product development stage of a NZ Manuka Honey brand that has a point of difference to other brands. We put our profits into replanting and rejuvenating indigenous forests.

We are looking for an artist to help create images we can use on our labels and website.

We have bird photos, we wish have these redrawn to emphasis traits that we are after. This includes emphasizing the cute, cheeky and inquisitive feelings as well as some of the colours.

We have a brand strategy document as well which helps direct the overall feel and direction we are heading in. The photos we don't own and are some are so old we cant find the owners, so we are looking to recreate these so we can have rights to the new images, plus we wish to make the images in line with the brand feel we are after.

Our objective is to create an emotive sense of connection to nature.

We will pay on an image by image basis, and will have a lot more to create once we find the right artist.
Brand Inspiration.docx
The shows the brand direction and images we wish to recreate