I am remodeling my store front, my construction team needs concept artwork so that they know what i'm looking for and expect.
Look up Wight Pockets on google and you will see the landscape i am interested in making the store front resemble. I am also interested in a Bryce Canyon look as well.
I would like a picture taken of the store front from two or three angles and have the concept artwork applied on top of it so we can get the best idea of how it will look as possible, i would also need to see the work and have changes done to fit the desired look.
I assume multiple pictures will need to be done. We would start with a picture of one angle and secure the look then proceed to draw up other angles for prospective.
I can pay by the hour but would rather just pay a sum amount on an estimate as i cant see how tracking hourly time could be trusted.
If you are interested in this job, you must be able to come to my store location in Kanab UT, i can pay $100 for travel.