Hello there.
I am looking for an illustrator to draw some sketches for an animated children's TV series that I am creating. Ultimately I would like to create:

1. Between 5-10 sketches for an animation pitch bible for my show.
2. A possibly endless number of sketches for social media accounts for the show, which I plan to create. (i.e. Instagram and maybe Facebook).

What will I be doing first?
To begin with, I will pay to have one child character drawn.
I will need unlimited revisions to draw the first child character, and lots of flexibility for change. This is so that I can find the style and colours that I most like. Once I find this preferred style, we can negotiate plans and prices for you to draw other things needed for my pitch bible and social media accounts.
I will also need model sheets included for this (and all) drawings, in order to standardise the drawings for the day when potentially many illustrators will be engaged with this project.

What sort of things will I be drawing?
You will be drawing two different looking children in various background settings. The settings include: parks with play equipment, the children riding bicycles, the children holding balls, the children standing in suburban streets with houses all around, the children in a school environment. This list is not exclusive; there may be more scenes I will think of later. It's just to provide a general idea for you.

I also need a title page with a logo that introduces the name of the show, and the two child characters standing in front of/underneath it.

Will I receive help on the project?
Yes, you will receive huge amounts of guidance and instruction on what to draw, how to draw it, and the sort of colour palette and aesthetic I prefer. I have a very strong idea of what I want in mind.

How complicated will the drawings be?
I don't need anything too complicated or flashy looking. I would like it to have a nice natural 'pencils and crayons on paper' look to it. The aesthetic should be simple but distinct.

What else should I know?
People who have inside knowledge of the animation industry and can potentially offer guidance around how to execute my project will be favourably considered. If anyone has already assisted people in creating pitch bibles or launching animated shows before, I'd be very appreciate of any advice you can bring to the table.

What must I do to get started?
The person will have to be comfortable signing a non disclosure agreement that I supply.

For the first child drawing, I will pay 50% deposit on the agreed price before starting. The rest will be paid upon completion of the drawing.

I prefer to use PayPal. Send me a 'goods and services' invoice with the initial and final amounts.

Apply now, and become part of a project that will change the world some day.