I'm looking for a seamstress to make 1/6 doll outfits in sets of 10 or 20. Physical samples of body and clothing can be provided as an example should you be interested. There is a secondary task/ Job to create a pattern for the two or three piece sets. Outfits are for figures which are approximately 10-12 inches in height. The period is Feudal Japan. Price for the pattern and template pieces is separate from the actual task. This allows The Artist to make The pieces to be created and Pattern and end there if he or she feels they don't wish to continue with creating the sets. We can discuss it. Pieces needed are (Yukatas )(Hakama Pant skirt) Vest no buttons. Pictures of actual outfits done as well as there real world counter parts can be sent if interested allowing for a a more informed decision. Fabric will be provided. Note: Price is negotiable as there are two separate task/ jobs. What may be an ideal price for me may not be for you so reach out. This job can be a one shot, or an ongoing task.