I'm a writer/poet and close to releasing my first book. I'm looking for a marketing pro to manage my Instagram poetry account in the short term and help me tap into new markets as I ramp up for the books release, and perhaps marketing assistance for the book itself. Primarily focusing on Instagram since that's where I've started my audience.

I'm looking to bring in a lot of new readers of quality who are actually interested in my material and are likely to become readers. With the release drawing near I feel it's imperative to build my brand and recognition so I can push strong pre orders and sales right off the bat. If you have experience working with writers and Instragram writers that is a huge plus. I need someone super interactive with others on IG who will reach out and get my work out there.

Check out my Instagram page: I post content often but with my focus on the writing content and production now I'm limited on time for marketing, and that's where you come in. My short term goals are increasing my reader base and overall visibility with bigger goals of becoming one of the most recognizable poets on IG and overall.

Let's discuss your ideas and pricing