While preparing his dance team for a country line dance contest, Private Detective Oliver (cocker spaniel), is enlisted by Mayor Murphy (shar pei), to help find his daughters famous missing golden biscuit...

This is to be a three book series, publishing is guaranteed. First book is already written and sitting with my agent and publisher.. it is 71 pages long.. 11 chapters, one illustration per chapter. Also front cover and back cover. This commission contract increases per book, and gives Illustrator right of first refusal..

It also give percentage for a very strong Possibility of TV, Film, Games and Merchandising. Illustrator will be carried over and kept on board as an advisor with with my consultant (was a head writer for a very famous american cartoon), located in San Francisco, my agent and producer, and Myself. I can also be found on Stage 32.

Again this is a serious offer.. Looking for someone willing to trust and take a risk.