I recently retired from teaching and am a certified kids yoga teacher.All kids and adults love doing mandalas.My idea is to incorporate yoga poses into mandalas for kids to find. The yoga poses would be depicted in a kid friendly way through drawings of cute kids or animals doing the poses! For example if we had a mandala of a beach scene or we could hide dolphin, crab, turtle poses in the mandala with words to find too like relax or a jungle mandala for lion, cobra , etc. My idea came from the I Spy Books and Highlights where kids search for camouflage things . The theme would be find the yogi or something like that..

My idea is in the embryonic state right now and I have never done a kids book before lol but something I want to pursue. Kid's yoga books are very popular right now with the mindfulness movement. If you think you would be willing to illustrate this kind of book and collaborate with me let me know and what the cost of this project might be.