I have a series of 7 children's books that need illustrations (the first book is ready).
I have my main character , a hippo, (in ai, jpeg and png). Each book will need approximately 10 illustrations (double page spread for most) For most illustrations there would be 2 characters (I have them in one position, but would need them to be placed standing hippo in one illustration is seated on a bench). I am not in a rush but as i have 7 books on the go, once the story is complete i need illustrations, so the work would be ongoing. I prefer to receive a price PER BOOK and since i own the characters etc., i would like to own the illustrations as i will be using parts as advertising and other promotional things for the company. If you are interested kindly reply with your offer. Thank you for your time and i look forward to hearing from you... Roula Price is negotiable. Please advise price per book if applicable or per illustrations.