VIP Community Services
Location: Bronx, NY
Project Timeline: 5-29 thru 7-8 (2 days per week/ 4 hours per day); Artist Facilitator to be paid $30/hrly.

VIP Community Services is looking for a freelance artist to assist in facilitating artist work group and contribute 1 or more individual canvas pieces (24x46) that will be displayed throughout VIP’s new outpatient facility. The work group will consist of talented VIP clients and staff that are going to be participating in the project. Below are details on concept theme. I have also attached the architectural narrative of the new building.

VIP Community Services is steadily preparing for the transition to their new state-of-the-art outpatient facility slated for completion in July 2019. It is the epitome of a long awaited celebratory visual anthem of VIP’s mission in changing lives and transforming communities. VIP has been a pioneer in paving the way for housing and vocational services, mental and physical health services, and medication assisted treatment for over 40 years in the Bronx and its’ surrounding communities. As a Federally Qualified Healthcare Center, VIP creates innovative paths towards integrated care continuity. We are delighted to have the opportunity to pay homage to the organization’s rich history and setting the stage for excellence in patient care by facilitating a tapestry of art conducive to quality patient care and positive outcomes.
Our Tapestry Concept Theme
VIP staff, client alumni, and community partners are rendering their time and talent to help set the stage to tell our stories, our holistic approach to wellness, our clinical pathways to recovery, our united front against the stigmas of mental illness and addiction with artistic excellence.

The outpatient facility consists of 6 floors; all of which will carry a concept theme based on the availability of services that are a focal point of each integrated sector per floor. Artists will contribute with their designated groups, (10) individual displays per floor and (2) mural concepts per floor. Below is an outline concept;
1st / 3rd Floors

Art displays will be individual pieces from artists (both staff/ clients) focusing on areas of recovery and overcoming addiction. Alumni artists will contribute pieces paying homage to the history of VIP Community Services and its’ impact on the surrounding community.
2nd/4th Floors

Art displays will be individual pieces from artists (both staff/clients) focusing on areas of wellness addressing the stigma of mental illness, the importance of both mental and physical health and the positive impact of care continuity. The successful outcomes rendered by quality outreach support services; it takes a village (i.e. to inspire, to build, to encourage, to empower).
5th/6th Floors

Art displays will be individual pieces from artists (both staff/clients) extending the invitation of hope; visible artistic pathways to rebirth, planting seeds of self-discovery and the opportunities that are available when a hand is extended to one another (i.e. rise, rebirth, horizon).

We plan to collaborate with local artists and VIP staff to create mural walls throughout the facility that will exemplify the agency’s mission and strategic vision.
We will be extending the invitation to our community of artists within our boroughs to consider joining us in this beautiful endeavor as a facilitator of artist groups. We hope to initiate a kickoff meeting within the next (3) weeks.
Kindly share forward with your network of artists that you think would be interested in participating. The project is being fully funded by a VIP grant; agency will provide participating artists with stipends and free press. The artist facilitator will be paid on a hourly basis for the duration of the project.
5-6-19 Our Tapestry VIP770HQ Art Project Summary w Budget.pdf
Our Tapestry Narrative
Memo_Architectural Narrative.12.14.18.pdf
VIP Community Services New Outpatient Facility - Architectural Narrative