We're a YouTube brand started in February 2019 and have acquired
over 18,000+ Subscribers, 5,000,000+ Million Views.

We collaborate with comic artists by publishing their work (comics) into a video format to our audience and in exchange giving exposure to the artist's website and social media platform.

We're currently looking for someone who can illustrate and create a 6-panel flat colored comic. We expect to receive at least 2-3 comics finished a day, If you can produce even more, that'll give you a better chance of getting hired for this job.

We are ready to pay $5 each 6-panel flat colored comic and we'll increase depending on the performance of the videos that include the comics. With $5 Per Comic, It could result in a guaranteed $70-105 a week for the artist who is ready for this job.

For this job listing specifically, We're looking for someone to start with 2 6-panel flat colored comic for $10 ($5 each)

The fan-comic is going to be based upon the famous Pixie & Brutus series,, If you can adapt a similar style and illustrate similar comics based on the existing characters, We'd love to work with you.

Why you should work with us?

Setting aside our explosive growth in our last month, You'll get to be connected to a brand that's projected to do 100,000+ Subscribers & 30,000,000+ Million Views by the end of the year.

We'll also bring you onto other projects with higher budgets if we love your performance, attitude and fast turn-around time.