I’m searching for a developer who can follow instruction for my project, you’ll need to check all features and make sure the features are functionality. all features are
functionality working without a doubt per pages descriptions. After development, I will want all codes.

The developer will itemize the list of work and any query of the sites; the developer must give me a site or examples of function that will work on my site. Please give owner 2-3 day in advance so the project does not run behind schedule.

If the owner is not available write a brief note in guru for progress and any question, attention: a daily meeting is important for the developing of this project.

At the completion of each percentile, the developer will update a screen recorder or a screenshot on how to use each function on the site Even though the owner has listed the functions in detail format, the owner has a vision, but need to be processed correctly and professionally to make it work without errors.

Meaning, finding samples from different sites and plugin and how the function works and will be implemented into the sites.
If any sketches or instruction is not clear or not responsive enough, the owner is allowed to modify or update new sketches and explain how this will function. Allow 2-3 days of revision and for the owner to clarify what he wants in the sites.

Mobile app and online personal Trainer software are very important for my site.
From the link that was the mention from the pdf such as and All these have been similar but have different niches. I'm looking for the software. Please view their videos on how it actually works and figure out the concept of how it works. The owner is looking to buy the software or get it for free. The owner does not want this to be built from scratch. Also, the owner needs the library that is included to the site. Give the owner time to get the purchase items if needed.

Once again, communication and honesty is very important to me. We can have a long term business relationship if we work together as a team.

The developer must follow the given attached instruction per PDF for the 89 pages you must develop, design and make sure each page FUNCTION ACCORDING TO


(0% Completion)

Categorizing as you mention refers to:

Lifestyle (p.8-13 and p. 48-54)
Training Tip (p.55-59)
XSTORE [store/shout-out] (p.67-74 and p.75-80)
I want all the feature and items organized in their own category.
These pages in PDF attached file are referring in gallery (lifestyle, quote, Ad slider, training tip) and hover effects come into play with image and video. Make sure the mouse scroll or move into hover effect has parameter borders to show one thing at a time for the user to see.
Blog setup - is custom with photo gallery as the comment section p 53, P57, P.59
especially Quote of the day P. 35-36

(25% Completion)

Donation Please review P.17 & P.25
Shout-out Marketing plugin P.68-74 - All is mention in PDF
Shout-out - Automated editing and publishing
The software will recognize images and shapes of brands for automatic approval
Once the photo is approved, the user can begin to custom their photo for advertisement.

Everything that was mention in the PDF will improvise for links, tags, and brief
content on their photos/video.

Sample links for auto publish:


The 5 links I have mentioned for highlight, stories, and post updates including adding user tags, hashtags and more. Plugin that can be easy for me to review first and to published later.

The links are also sampled, highly recommended to find suitable plugin or software that will be flexible to be used in the site, while the member is editing their photo on the shout-outs, there will be an invisible box parameter where they put whatever they want for the advertisement, such as brief message (that could be placed in the story or image/video), tags and links.

Invisible box Parameter - This platform will be used for advertising slider. The owners need to have room to over layer content on the heading images/2nd section (mention in the PDF) and X-STORE landing g page.

Advertise slider is mention in PDF (p.23, 27, 60-61 X-STORE[p.65-67])
This should be located at Heading Image and 2nd section (close to the end of the
page), Landing page[X-STORE]
Registration system p. 39-43
Discount/reward points/referral system P.19 and P.14
Invite a friend P.19 (I'm looking for a free plugin, not a subscription)
Email verification, Email marketing/recurring member email notification and email
theme template (mention the social follow button on the email template)

Invite a friend for register members:
A. Point rewards - video example
B. Invite a friend - video example
C.Invite a friend - website example (

(50% Completion)

Following list that wasn’t mention in proposal, but it is in the PDF:

1. Upload form P.18
2. donation, upload attachment P. 22, p. 27
3. Adding calendar in contact P. 62-64
4. Store P.75-80
5. Emails feature P. 81-82
6. Photo identity recognize p. 83
7. Payment method - using stripe and PayPal

Social button:

Located in lifestyle, training tip, homepage, email theme template
Photo gallery includes hover effect with links and the added feature mention in the PDF

(75% Completion)

My account

Right after sign up (registration system) on page 3, section number 3
explain message box.

The message includes my account and settings, Read page 41-43.

The message box on p. 42 include text/ group text, video or voice chat, and video
and voice recorder end of miss call or connections.

Member has control of receiving notification message or email. P43 explain what is onpage 41

Member is allowed to have a profile for other members to see.

Affiliate e-commerce system P. 44-46
A. Sign up
B. Referral - Invite a new member and the new member sell a number of items, both member will receive cash rewards
C. Sale point reward - A number of sales earn a point to gain gift (shirts, events,
cash, gift cards and more) and rewards
D. Sales commission - every sale earn 10% commission (any item that is
purchasable to the site, is commission earn)
E. Benefits-Auto generate affiliate member free shoutout
F. The affiliate will have all features that included the plugin
G. On p.45-46 member option to purchase a domain and sit from another company
(link button)
H. The next option, the member can purchase a site template and also have
developer assemble it for them to sale package include or separate from the
affiliate program
I. Include Payout for Affiliate members and worker that join helping developing
sites for customers.

Affiliate Invite a friend (sample link):

1. Referral candy -
2. Invite a member and both earn cash of the new affiliate sell 10 item or more.
3. The link for social inviter doesn’t have Instagram. Looking for all social invites,
emails, and phones. You are able to invite everyone at the same time or

Terms & Policy - Need a page to reassure customer there are rules that need to be

Downloadable sales report CSV - option to collect information and organize it for sale
and notification, and invoice

Generate analysis and separate category email and information:
A. This allows the owner to email certain people in the list, by age, location, and
B. Allow the owner to market recurring members of what they are interested
C. Email blasting for new contact can be updated separate until the member is
signed up, that means a coded link that is attached to theme template and it lists
them as recurring members.
D Allow the owner to send an email blast as many messages to new potential

(100% completion)

What is not mention P.3 (mention in PDF):

A. Phone APP P.7 - Once the site is 75% complete I need a phone app from
google play and apple pay to be convenient for a user to be more engaged in my
B. Personal train online software - I'm looking for purchase license for me to have
and installed on to my site. I don’t want to be a subscribing member to use their
software. I'm not looking for a free plugin that limits the features I am looking for and that was mentioned in the link I have referred. I am also not looking for you to build it from scratch. I see other sites have the same platform with different niches, so it must exist.
C. Requesting a libraries of a training exercise for each topic (weight lifting,
cardio, running, Cross-fit, bodybuilding, and more), meal prep (cooking guide),
and nutrition/dietary guide
D. Ad-sense and Click-bank is mention in P.3 and P.44
RBN XFACTOR FinalX89(1).pdf
PDF as mention