Applicants, a new browser based MMORPG needs an online promotion. Your job is to work on marketing solutions that will make the game to generate income. The game earns with affiliates banner ads and in-game purchases. I can support you with some marketing strategy plans but I rather expect someone with experience and an open mind as I don't set any limits for marketing ideas - you can use the standard ones or use/invent new unique online/offline ways to achieve the goal. The game is unique itself – it has many additional features of a dating website, facebook-type social network, blog, photo and video sharing service. That allows you to use a broad spectrum marketing. I do provide any graphics/text if needed, you can also use your own solutions. I am open for your suggestions regarding affiliates and ingame banners placement. It's a startup so my expectations are pretty low for now - I want the game to earn $100-150 by the deadline. If you can achieve that in a short time, we'll set next milestones. You set your pay, you set the deadline and I pick the best :)