We are currently looking for freelance video editors to support our business, making real estate videos. We have been in the industry coming up 4 years and we have a leading position within the Hibiscus Coast and Rodney area. We have a 2 day turn around on our videos and are unable to manage the workload on our own. We are looking for one or two editors to complete our team. The video footage will be uploaded at the end of every day and there are essentially two days in the expected turnaround. The footage is simple and sequential and follows a generic pattern unless otherwise stated in the brief. We do approx 60+ videos per month. We are looking for editors that 'get" the style that we produce, there are many out there and our point of difference to the way we do them is important. Great Graphics is needed. Punchy, relevant and consistent. Our customers are the Real estate agents and we also do profile videos for them and assist them with developing their brand, logo and creating intro and outros for our agents that are high end all the way. We can pay by the hour and we can pay by the edit. We prefer paying by the edit (Job) that way we know our overheads and if you are sharp and fast, you are making more than someone slower.
Rates are negotiable