We are currently looking for any company who can build Taxi automation software like like TaxiCaller ( or Uber/Lyft like software within short timeframe or looking to purchase readymade system available that can be customized. The potential company who applies to build this software should have strong experience in developing similar applications. The system already developed by the company should be currently running successfully with a minimum of 500 drivers and minimum of 50k customer downloads. The same criteria is applicable for readymade application. Following are the web & mobile apps that the system is expected to have.

Web Application (Admin)

Customer - IOS, Android, & Web
Driver - IOS & Android

Before hiring or purchasing, we will do reference checks i.e. we will check with your client and verify the authenticity of the information provided. If you have NDA in place, please do not apply. The project description is straightforward and the system that we are expecting should have all features that a taxi automation software should have for eg. tracking, online payment, dispatch etc. If your company has developed similar application and meets the description criteria, you know exactly what our expectation is.

When applying for the project, you must answer with the following questions else your proposal will not be considered:

1. Is your app currently successfully running with minimum of 500 drivers and has a download of minimum 50k customers.

2) Would you be able to show demo of the system that is currently running?

3) Do you agree to provide reference check with the client. We will contact the customer and verify the authenticity of the information provided

Note: Companies that apply for this posting must list out only their works related to taxi industry and nothing else. If you are applying without reading the project description and without technical details, you proposal will not read and deleted right away.