This is Julian, I’m looking for a book cover with a hint of a travel passport aesthetic and custom emblem in the center.

The book cover design has the the following specs/criteria:

- It will be published as an Amazon paperback and e-book, and Audible audiobook, therefore the cover would be on all three.

- Genre: Poetry/Literary & New Age/Spiritual (Tarot card enthusiast market)

- The book is composed of 78 poems that represent all the tarot cards in a classic tarot deck. The poetry is mystical in nature and comes in a variety of poetic forms.

- I’m looking for someone who can illustrate a black and white emblem and the title, a colorist has already been acquired. The aesthetic of the cover is to look like a travel passport with an emblem in the middle and the titles around it. Interiors of the pages of the book will also have the emblem in it them.

- No stock images or designs, unless it's just background items.

- Ideas on what symbols should be in the emblem has already been established, need someone to creatively design to fit the vision of the book.

As previously mentioned, no color needed as a colorist has already been hired for that role.

Book details

The book is one poet's re-imagining of all 78 tarot cards through the poetic form. She, (Julian) is a poet that writes and performs mystical poetry. Julian has written a poem for every tarot card. Each poem is not actually talking about the card's meaning exactly but they speak from the essence of the card in a way that allows the reader to explore themselves too. Each poem is an invitation for people to get to know themselves through a poetic lens of tarot. This is not a "How to" learn tarot type of book (the market is flooded with these), but a book that could be read at leisure (as you would with any poetry book) or also used as a personal poetic tarot card reading reference guide.

Target market
- New Age/Spiritual (Specifically tarot card enthusiasts)
- Poetry/Literary

Attached below is an image of an emblem that has inspired the type of design I’m looking for but the animals/symbols would be different. Also attached is a rough conceptual idea of what the book cover background would look like.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Cover examples.PNG
Background of Cover concept
Example Emblem-JulianN.PNG
Example of Type of Emblem